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It's was the end on an era! Chelsea and Morgan jump over to Sunnyside and review the movie, Toy Story 3!


  • Main discussion: Toy Story 3
  • First recollections
  • Love the desert opening!
  • Beanie Babies. We still got 'em.
  • Does this spark joy?
  • The transition years
  • "No owners means no heartbreak." -Lotso
  • It's all about Barbie and Ken
  • They earned everything.
  • Mr. Chuckles for the win!
  • Is Buzz's "Spanish Mode" funny outside the USA?
  • Tortilla Head
  • Smell-o-vision  
  • "The CLAW!" 
  • Passing the torch.
  • End Credits
  • ...And we're back with 4!
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemails: Amy & Alex
  • An announcement. Send us your voicemail: or call (406) 646-6575.
  • Bloopers: MuggleCast, Chocolottie, More Beanie Babies, 
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