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074 We’re Back! A Dinosaur’s Story - That's Why You Don't Join the Circus


  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Two new Disney theories!
  • Wreck-It Ralph theory that the Disneyverse is one giant computer.
  • Disneyverse has its own Disney within the Disneyverse.
  • Main Discussion: We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)
  • The early '90s were the era of the dinosaur.
  • Vorb tops the list for annoying side character.
  • Is this movie just a giant commercial for the cereal companies?
  • Check out that '90s penthouse!
  • Screweyes does know his audience.
  • What a creepy villain death. That definitely stands out as one of the best villain deaths ever
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemails & emails: Mark, Joshua, Miguel, MJ, Tony, and Mike

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It's an animated film of mammoth-size proportions: Blue Sky's first film, Ice Age.



  • Main Discussion: Ice Age
  • History of Blue Sky Studios. It started out as a VFX and commercial studio.
  • Interesting to see that a lot of studios start out as a commercial-making studio and then slowly grow to making features.
  • Mother Gothel: "Enough with the migrations."
  • Surprising voice talent. What the Jack Black?
  • The dodo sequence!
  • The big moment that pays off: the cave painting sequence. It helps you really understand Diego...finally.
  • Sequelitis: we rant about sequels. "And this is how we end up with Ice Age 5."
  • The random but pivotal moment of the sudden lava.
  • Voicemails: Eddie
  • Mail bag: Joshua, Frank, John, Matthew, Miriam

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In this episode, the Rotoscopers have a riveting discussing about one of Disney's most forgotten about animated films Dinosaur.


  • Main Discussion: Dinosaur
  • Only the hardest of hard core fans remember this film.
  • It is not recognized as a Disney classic in the UK? Wait what?
  • Lots of hype, but a lot of disappointment after seeing it.
  • Lack of character development. Unappealing characters make you not care about them.
  • Theme of abundance vs. scarcity.
  • Why does it seem that almost every dinosaur animated film has to be about a migration? This is one reason why we're looking forward to Pixar's The Good Dinosaur.
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemails: Jess, Thomas.
  • Emails: Joshua, Mary Kate, Chris C., Patrick, Jess.

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