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071 The Land Before Time - Fellowship of the Tree Star

The Rotoscopers kick off our Dinos & Dragons series by reviewing Don Bluth's 1988 classic The Land Before Time!




  • Main Discussion: The Land Before Time (1988)
  • We just right into the the commercials and merchandise of this film. Pizza Hut birthday commercial and Pizza Hut puppets, anyone?
  • The Land Before Time beat out Oliver & Company!
  • This movie is the epitome of childhood epitome.
  • Originally started as "Bambi with dinosaurs." Why do the animated mother's always have to die?
  • Props to Don Bluth for his stunning hand-drawn effects like bubbles, tar, egg shell fragments, lava, rain, and, of course, the classic Don Bluth sparkle.
  • 9 minutes of cut footage, mostly of sharptooth attacks scenes.
  • Mason Conspiracy Theory: Littlefoot is a jinx.
  • Many themes in this film: segregation, dealing with loneliness,
  • Listener Twitter Question: How important was The Land Before Time to your childhood?
  • We rate it!
  • Mail bag: Joshua, Tony, Abbi, Lauren, Adam, Robert, Dan, Brooks, Andrew.
  • Don't forget to use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #DonBluthDazzle when talking about this episode on Twitter!

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070 Tarzan - Attack of the Disney Theories

It's Mason's birthday episode! The Rotoscopers review the last film of the Disney Renaissance Disney's 1999 film Tarzan.


  • Nerdy Couch Discussion: Frozen crossover theory.
  • Main Discussion: Tarzan.
  • The soundtrack is one of the most iconic Disney albums.
  • One of the greatest openings in an animated film.
  • How do we feel about the side characters Terk and Tantor?
  • In what societal class is Jane?
  • Thank you creators for making a plausible way for them to overcome the language barrier (unlike the magical leaves from Pocahontas.)
  • Clayton is a weak villain. What's his motivation? Just greed?
  • Two lessons for kids: don't run away from home and don't swing on branches.
  • Epic battle at the end, plus death by hanging.
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemails: Sebastian, Dylan, Sammie, Esther.
  • Mail bag: Matthew C., Natasha, Nihit, Matt W,. Frank, Joshua, & Ben.

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