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069 Princess Mononoke - Go Away

The Rotoscopers review Studio Ghibli's epic film Princess Mononoke with special guest host, Rotowriter Mayra Amaya.


  • Main Discussion: Princess Mononoke
  • First thoughts and recollections about this movie; reactions to the violence!
  • Interesting insights from Miyazaki about the the film from his biographies.
  • Disney drama with the release and censoring the film.
  • The most impactful moment in the film: San with the blood.
  • Miyazaki is a master of composition; the forest-spirit scene.
  • This is the second longest animated film ever and it feels like it.
  • Major themes in the film: curses, humans vs. nature, hatred.
  • The ending is a bit rushed and hard to swallow.
  • We rate it!
  • Voicemails: Jemma, Dylan, Frank, Eric, Hank Hill, Yuri
  • Mail bag: Jemma, Susanne, Chris
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Runtime: 1:38:54, 51.7MB


  • Watch Princess Mononoke: Blu-ray | DVD
  • Buy soundtrack: Amazon
  • The Art of Princess Mononoke: Amazon
  • Miyazaki's biography: Starting Point (1979-1996) and Turning Point (1997-2008)
  • All of Mayra's articles
  • The Making of Princess Mononoke
  • Sullivan Bluth Studio Video
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068 One Hundred and One Dalmatians - Do You Got Any Chloroform?

The Rotoscopers review Disney's first modern animated movie, the 1961 canine classic One Hundred and One Dalmatians.



■ Nerdy Couch Discussion: Animated henchman - who are our favorites, what qualities do you like in a henchman?

■ Main Discussion: One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)

■ What if Disney made a live-action movie telling the tragic backstory of Cruella De Vil?

■ Differences from the book and movie.

■ This was the first film to use the iconic Xerox method, which Disney used for many of the films from this era.

■ The incredible opening credits. Good thing they had Xerox...all those dalmatians in one frame!

■ Pongo's opening monologue, talking about the different prospects. Gotta love dogs looking like their owners.

■ If they are so poor, how can they afford a housekeeper?

■ The nonsense version of Cruella De Vil.

■ Jump-starting the puppies and their obsession with TV.

■ Introduce our two henchmen: Horace and Jasper.

■ The twilight bark and Lady and the Tramp cameos.

■ Hall Hall and the hilarity of What's My Crime?

■ The animation of the cars in the film.

■ Gotta love the villain-henchmen hissy fit.

■ Old 1990s merchandise: happy meal toys and talking books.

■ Listener question: who is your favorite character and why?

■ We rate it!

■ Voicemails & mail bag: Yuri, Brandon, Billy, Joshua, Chris, SimbasGuard, and Sophie. Plus special snail mail from Billy!

■ When talking about this episode on Twitter, use the hashtags #AnimAddicts and #YouIDIOT!


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