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067 All Dogs Go to Heaven - You Can Never Come Back

The Rotoscopers talk about Don Bluth's classic 1989 animated film All Dog's Go to Heaven!



■ Update on everyone's life!

■ Nerdy Couch Discussion: Animated dogs

■ Main Discussion: All Dogs Go to Heaven

■ Brief history of Don Bluth's studio and name changes over the year.

■ This movie is dark and gritty: smoking, drinking, gambling.

■ Burt Reynolds as Charlie (and his contractual stipulations) as well as Don DeLuise, who was Don Bluth's lucky charm.

■ The tragedy of the murder of Anne-Marie's voice actress and the original production cells.

■ Crazy settings and Charlie's story arch.

■ Why does Carface get to go to heaven?

■ We have nothing negative to say about the songs.

■ Why does there ALWAYS have to be a sassy, fat alligator?

■ Mail bag from Mike, Sarah, Leigh-Ann & Jacob.


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066 Up - Pablo's Bell

Morgan and Chelsea are joined by RotoWriter Pablo Ruiz to review Pixar's only film to be nominated for Best Picture, Up!


■ Main Discussion: Up

■ Why the "Married Life" sequence is so good.

■ The punching-filled "Married Life" sequence that could have been.

■ Michael Giacchino's whimsical, 40s-esque score has its own life and takes the film to another level.

■ The movie goes all over the place visually: house floating with balloons, South America, and more!

■ Enter the dogs: Doug, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma!

■ Flying dogs take it too far.

■ Voicemails: Mario, Janice Marie, Jemma, Brandon, Adriana, Yuri, Kimber.


Runtime: 1:25:20 51.6MB


■ Watch Up:  Blu-ray | DVD | Digital | Rent

■ Buy the Up soundtrack: Limited Edition CD | Digital

■ Making-of Featurette: Married Life

■ Ed Catmull's new book Creativity, Inc.

■ Paradise Falls is based on the real-life Tepui (flat mountains)


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