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Morgan, Mason and special guest host Gary Wright talk all things Pokémon! Be prepared for a nerdy, tangent-filled episode because this one takes us straight back into Generation 1.


■ Special guest host: Water trainer Gary Wright
■ News: Despicable Me 2 review & box office performance; Frozen media blizzard - Japanese trailer, official character images, new Disney Animation release dates.
■ Catch & Fire with Gary
■ Nerdy Couch Discussion: All things Pokémon! Favorite games, genwunners, the anime & controversial episodes.
■ Random Pokemon generator game!
■ Main discussion: Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strike's Back.
■ Soundtrack with random artists, opening in Cinnabar Island, Giovanni is best Pokémon character, movie tie-ins.
■ Untold Story of Mewtwo, is Mewtwo still considered the most powerful Pokémon?, stupid scientists just working for a paycheck, Mewtwo's appearance in the anime in Giovanni's gym,
■ Opening scene with Ash & gang; random trainer with a Donphan; never-before-seen Gen 2 Pokémon; a not so wild Dragonite appears!
■ The grand tournament, big storm, Vikings, Confucius Nurse Joy.
■ Difference between Pokemon Champion and Master?
■ Mewtwo and Mew arrive; who's that Pokémon mistake, cloning is so easy; Pikachu slap fight, is Rapunzel a Pokémon.
■ How Pokémon The First Movie should have ended.
■ Themes and morals: fighting is bad, battling is good; meaning of life.

Other Links:
■  Johnny Lingo video Mason always quotes
■  Mason's 10 Top Gen 1 Pokémon article

Runtime: 1:36:53; 48.3 MB

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Monsters-university-animation-addicts-album-artThe Rotoscopers head back to school to review Pixar's 14th animated film Monsters University!


■ New host: Brock Pearson.
■ Experiences from the MU showings: kids, Pixar super fans, cool MU gear.
■ Trailers before MU: Despicable Me 2FrozenCloudy 2PlanesTurbo,
■ News: Lego Movie trailer & Frozen trailer.
■ Animation Lesson by Mason: Character appeal/design in Monsters University.
■ Every monsters is different; real person names.
■ Mini discussion: The Blue Umbrella
■ Main discussion: Monsters University
■ Little Mike, opening credits, Mike’s roommate, first day of class, architecture, scare games introduction, clubs.
■ First day of class: Scaring 101, Hardscrabble’s entrance, MU is Mike’s story, stealing the pig similar to The Simpsons.
■ Final exam: poor Mike, sulking Sulley, canister engineering, realistic lighting using raytracing.
■ Members of Oozma Kappa: Don Carlton, Squishy Squibbles, Terry and Terri Perry, Art, Squishy’s mom.
■ Scare games: entertainment & show us time’s progression, sea urchin confusion and lighting.
■ Other frats, lack of real-life frat experiences, are letterman jackets a thing in college anymore?
■ More scare games: why don’t teenagers get scared?, in the library, scare simulator scare game,
■ Final 3rd act: Mike in the human world, Pixar people and human hair, final big scare, should it have been rated PG?, unpredictable ending, best friends since 4th grade?.
■ Chelsea’s rant about the music.
■ We rate it (all quite differently).
■ Twitter question & voicemail!

Runtime: 1:42:42; 52.6 MB

Other links:
■ Pixar Post's Monsters University interviews from the Pixar press day (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

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