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This is Halloween! The Rotoscoper gang discussese Disney's cult classic Halloween-Christmas film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

■ The Thunder Tube!
■ News: New Disney and Pixar release dates (Phineas & Ferb, Ron & Jon 2D animated film, Untitled Pixar Film), viral website for Monsters UniversityThe Swan Princess Christmas
■ Remember to send in your submissions for the Best of 2012 Show!
■ New game segment: Wizard’s Duel!
■ Main Discussion: Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas
■ Misconceptions: Tim Burton did not direct this film; Henry Selick did! 
■ Touchstone release, do you consider it a Disney film?
■ Hardcore Nightmare Before Christmas fans
■ Design & animation: popup book aesthetic, spindly characters
■ The beginning: starts with a rythme, not “scare-the-pants-off-of-you” scary, “This is Halloween”, fangirl witches, muppets cameo?
■ Jack Skellington: iconic Burton character, naive, eccentric genius, James and the Giant Peach cameo
■ Danny Elfman: the film's composer and singing voice of Jack
■ Does the love story between Sally and Jack work?  
■ Other characters: Sally; the Mayor; Santa; Lock, Shock & Barrel
■ Who is Vincent van Ghoul? Vincent Price tangent
■ The songs: subpar, quick and complex, “What’s This?”, “Oogie Boogie’s Song”, “Sally’s Song”, “Kidnap the Sandy Claws”, Nightmare Revisted CD
■ What would be your favorite holiday town?
■ Scenes of note: the swirly hill, relationship between Sally and the mad scientist
■ Lesson and morals of the film? Morgan’s specialization/globalization rant
■ Sequel talk and Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland
■ Who is the real villain? Jack or Oogie Boogie?
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