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The Rotoscopers interview the legendary animator and director, Don Bluth! Don shares his love for acting, theatre and--of course--animation in this intimate conversation conducted in his living room. He also starts off by announcing some big news for the show!

■ Is this the right podcast?
■ Not your typical Interview. Don interviews Mason!
■ Animation: a two-pronged performing art
■ How does acting help in animation?
■ Casting on the Wizard of Oz. Why is Don doing theatre?
■ Characters of Secret of NIMH
■ Why Don liked Pixar's Up
■ Why Don doesn't think the world needs more movies
■ What characters have been his favorite/most dynamic over the years? 
■ What is the bigger picture of animation?
■ Pinocchio: "Everything comes in. Nothing goes out" 
■ How did Don help animators "see past the paper"?
■ Turner Classic Movies vs. Reality TV
■ Why doesn't Don rewatch his own films?
■ Orchestration of color
■ The darker side of the Disney Studio 
■ Don on animals characters and live-action reference
■ Disney's Robin Hood: where Don got his "legs"; Sleeping Beauty: weak story?
■ 3 areas where the computer can not replace an animator
■ Don talks Pixar's Brave and Disney's Tangled
■ Animation Master Classes and tutorials
■ Dragon's Lair app and the movie. Myth or not?
■ Interactive movies: Somebody's gonna do it!
■ Movement, (It all comes out in the walk), the blue note, & talents


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